My name is Katherine Elaine Spooner. I reside in Carlsbad California with my husband and children. I have been taking photos for the past couple years and love every aspect of it. Newborns, lifestyle, home, family, portraits, stills and landscape, I enjoy it all. One day I hope to make this my job but right now I will continue to enjoy the learning experience. Writing my adventures and sharing experiences along the way. 

Feel free to contact me at anytime regarding availability or just to say hi. Life  goes to fast to not enjoy all the crazy parts of it. From marriage, children, food, tragedy, heartache, tears and pain to laughing and pure sunshine. This is just a little glimpse into my life. I believe that we have lost the realness and the rawness of our life, trying all to hard to be perfect, but that is by far not my life. I hope after you leave my site you will feel a little better about who you are.  My outlets are through photography and writting. I hope you enjoy. XOXOX