Nailing the shot

I have been so busy lately and have really wanted to write more but then I end up in instagram and that just sucks the life out of you- you know?! Anyways I wanted to show some of my latest work off so why not just throw together a little compilation for you. Here are some content shoots I have been doing. some green house, some luxury living, some for hotel stay and working and loving life. Love bringing my camera and enjoying what I see. 

Latest Projects

The past couple months have been pretty amazing. For me and my husband, we decided that I quit my daytime job and focus solely on the kiddos. With that being said I have made more room to run wild and free with 4 kids in tow and take pictures while I am at it. I never have a good rhetoric in my head to myself about what I can achieve and I am learning daily to peel that back and know my work is amazing and that these kids are a reflection of that. I could blame many things but the root of it has always laid in my own insecurities. Anywho here are a couple of our adventures. If its not the dessert, or the beach its the mountains or sports. Gotta love my new found joy of loving my kids through my lens. 

At Home With The Hasselmans And Their New Precious MJ

One thing I love is getting to know my cliental. Jessica was my barre instructor and i knew from the moment i took her class we would be friends. She is fantastic. I remember sitting outside class one early morning and i looked at her and said when are you gonna get pregnant- boom she was and she literally just found out. I was taken away. What a magical and wonderful time. Anywho as the days progressed she reached out to me about taking her photos. We spent much of the time talking about how each other felt about being pregnant, how exiting it is and who knows what else. Anyways one thing lead to another and i get an instagram message that "ummmm just to let you know my water broke" i was floored..... You can't express that kind of joy through email or text its one of the most exciting times. Anyways a week later here we are taking pictures in there beautiful home. This mom rocked an amazing delivery a couple weeks early. So proud of her. 

I hope you enjoy this at home intimate session.


Katherine Elaine 

Maternity Milk Bath Session

Lately I have been obsessed with anything baby and maternity and really just anything that brings life. Call it crazy but maybe it is because SPRING is here. Well I had the opportunity to shoot a boudoir maternity +  milk bath session and it was phenomenal from my perspective. I absolutely love clients who allow me to use my artistic eye. So thank you LaBon for allowing me to be me in this shoot. :) 

Please enjoy

Katherine Elaine


Celeste and Oceanside Pier

I met Celeste through a mommy and me Carlsbad Facebook group. I was reaching out to moms who may want maternity or newborn photos. Can I say that she may be the most sweetest women I have ever met. She got me. She was like me in more ways than one. Her parenting style and her sense of easy was awesome and always delightful. I wanted to share with you her photos I got to take. Let me preface this. It was the break of the biggest storm California has had in years. It was Windy the waves we double over head, there was a nice brisk chill in the air. We, as in California have been in a drought for years and well lets just say this storm alone made it no longer a drought. Celeste and I were talking about where and when to have this maternity shoot. And you know what Oceanside pier is a perfect place. So wind in our hair, Crashing waves around us, I think she nailed it. 


Thanks again Celeste you were the sweetest. I can not wait to meet your precious little baby girl. Your little son will love her on up! 


Pleas enjoy:)

Mollys Urban Maternity Shoot

Here is a funny story Molly and I have been friends for a while I took her photos when she had her first son Wyatt. But she was my first real shoot with my new camera about 2-3 years ago. I was still learning but to be honest my pictures with her always turn out stunning. She is stunning. From her husband to her son to her new baby bump I can't wait to capture even more pictures down the road of them. Enjoy this Urban Maternity shoot in Carlsbad at CampFire restaurant 


Please Enjoy :)

Dear Diary + My Introduction

Hi I have not introduced myself in a long time. My name is Katherine but I go by katie. If you are reading this post that means that we connected in someway through family, school, I took your pictures, we went to school together, we are mutal friends on some kind of social media platform. So here I go...I have a saying "dear diary" with a couple of sisters I know from about 10 years ago so this, this you could say is my diary post. 

I have a husband and 3 kiddos. I went through a divorce years ago and have a heart for single moms, for people who have struck out, basically for the person who doesn't take advantage of others but rather lifts them up, kinda like the underdog. I was cheated on and manipulated in a very strange way. Therapy helped a lot and I highly recommend it. When you get rocked to the core of something so deep as in an ending to a marriage because you weren't "good enough" or "hot enough" you kinda get a warped sense of your self. So thank God therapy and God helped me realize that one mans foley and thinking doesn't make it truth. 


I take pictures because it makes my soul happy. It's the one thing that I could spend hours doing. I am currently obsessed with little tiny squishy babies. Maybe because it brings me back to my latest birth which was Amazing. Or maybe it's just the innocence and the happiness of parents and the warmth and the knowledge that this baby grew and is now living and breathing and is here. The little details are what I love.


 If you are like me I have struggled to find what I am good at. I question the things that are in front of me because I have been so rocked before. If I could write a book about the hardships, the trials, the years the locust ate you would see Gods hand in my life. My mom said to me that she believes that God is restoring the years the locust have eaten. And I know without a shadow of a doubt He is doing it right now. And I couldn't agree more. When I was 24 I had my first son, now at 33 I am just starting to see people my age have babies. I felt very alone. If your a mom you know those times when your by your self with the baby for hours upon end. I think I had one friend who was there. Not a lot showed up to help out. Not with the baby but with just being a friend. I went through some trying times. I still to this day probably have a couple close friends who don't even live next to me. 


I guess when you walk a road that not a lot of your so called "friends" have walked it's hard to find the people who fit with your soul. I know I just know that that day is coming. But right now I'll focus on the kiddos and my hubby. I'll focus on them loving their family, loving the people who hurt you, loving and helping and waiting not rushing. I'm a world of greed let's try and stop and think about who we are leading. We lead by example. And I am grateful that the people I have in my life, the people whom I chose to keep close are the people who actually made n attempt when I just couldn't. I just couldn't get out of that fog of babies young, then a divorce, the scarring from that rocked me. All I wanted was a perfect marriage with my kiddos and it wasn't there, it wasn't the guy for me, it wasn't this world I thought I had. But I was a baby myself. I never made a career, I never had the time to. I am proud though that at I graduated from college with a BA in Theology and Communication. But that didn't get me anywhere because I got knocked up. But that rocked my world for some time. So like I said I focus on those people that are willing to give you a text hello, drop a latte at your door when you can't even muster up the strength to get out of bed to face the world, open the door for someone younger or older, take the trash out, pay for someone's Starbucks. Go the extra mile because someone's storm may be grater than you could ever comprehend. 


Anyways if you know me you know that I love love. My husband has been the greatest healer that I could've ever asked for. He has show me kindness grace mercy and even showed me that I am a beautiful person once again. I will always struggle on the feeling if I'm good enough. But I know in his eyes, I am.


Please feel free to reach out to me about divorce, marriage, babies, photography, love,  court houses, abortion, therapy, and learning to figure out who you are, step parents, and much much more. Being open allows you to heal. So Until next time. 



Katie Spooner


P. S. I think I might be writing a "dear diary" once a month about topics on all the things above. If in this life I can help one person who doesn't have the strength feel like someone is walking through this with them then I have done what I needed to do through the pain I have endured. No one needs to walk this road alone.

New Year + New Borns

This year of 2017 has started off with an amazing time full of family and love and the blessings of new babies. I cant get enough of these babies at my at home studio. I like to shoot at my house, and at others but my house I have awesome light. I am not your typical newborn photographer. I am not into perfection. I think that there is something to be said about the little moments caught in between the set up and wraps. I love the attention to detail THE DAD holding the baby, the Mom looking at her. I usually dont go over an hour and I typically allow the mom or dad to bring what ever they want to bring but I mostly have simple wraps and such. Please enjoy these last couple sessions of the most snuggly little boy and girl.