At Home With The Hasselmans And Their New Precious MJ

One thing I love is getting to know my cliental. Jessica was my barre instructor and i knew from the moment i took her class we would be friends. She is fantastic. I remember sitting outside class one early morning and i looked at her and said when are you gonna get pregnant- boom she was and she literally just found out. I was taken away. What a magical and wonderful time. Anywho as the days progressed she reached out to me about taking her photos. We spent much of the time talking about how each other felt about being pregnant, how exiting it is and who knows what else. Anyways one thing lead to another and i get an instagram message that "ummmm just to let you know my water broke" i was floored..... You can't express that kind of joy through email or text its one of the most exciting times. Anyways a week later here we are taking pictures in there beautiful home. This mom rocked an amazing delivery a couple weeks early. So proud of her. 

I hope you enjoy this at home intimate session.


Katherine Elaine