Jennifer + Tim Baby Amelias Home Birth

December 20th 2016 7:56am changed my perspective on photography and the gift God gave me. I guess for me as much as this is a new life for baby Amelia Beckett, she brought confidence in me like I never knew. When you experience life or death and seeing it first hand it changes your inner soul. It is not like you don't see life and death and recognize it you basically feel it, your absorbed with it. They are both something I have experienced. 

This at home birth was something I can't even began to truly put into words. I think it healed me. I have always had a sense of "what am I to do with my life" "what is my next step" "where am I headed". A lot of comparison has happened between my two ears and in my heart. I may have found something I was meant to do. Film and Photograph- birth, maternity families and love. Love is everything

This birth- thought it wasn't my perfect work was something special. I saw who I was. I saw a women, her husband, her girls, her family their supporting this transition. A family of four to a family of five. 

I showed my kids this video I made to explain to them where a baby comes from. Ryders like "then how did van bring me my katana" bwahaha- he thought it was awesome and as taylor watched she was like " hey mom I want one more brother or sister" alright taylor I'll get right on that. But in all seriousness this birth definitely made my ovaries hurt- just one more babe- just one more :)

Back to this beautiful family. Jennifer and I met through a friend. She asked her to originally take the photos but some things came up. She sent her my way and to be honest I have never been so lucky. I spent the next couple weeks scanning Pinterest, reading birth stories and looking at photos. I knew I wanted to do photo and video. So I tried. It couldn't hurt. I think that as the stars aligned my willingness and eagerness to explore my gift and her understanding and trust of who I was as a photographer really just worked. 

I realized the night when I was called that what I wanted on my third baby was a photographer to shoot my birth. So what I wanted I was giving. What I was going to give was all the pictures I wanted for myself. And it worked. Below are images and a video or what I saw and experienced. Please enjoy 

Jennifer and Tim 

Miss Amelia Beckett

December 20 2016

Carlsbad ca 


Click on Below picture to see full length video