Celeste and Oceanside Pier

I met Celeste through a mommy and me Carlsbad Facebook group. I was reaching out to moms who may want maternity or newborn photos. Can I say that she may be the most sweetest women I have ever met. She got me. She was like me in more ways than one. Her parenting style and her sense of easy was awesome and always delightful. I wanted to share with you her photos I got to take. Let me preface this. It was the break of the biggest storm California has had in years. It was Windy the waves we double over head, there was a nice brisk chill in the air. We, as in California have been in a drought for years and well lets just say this storm alone made it no longer a drought. Celeste and I were talking about where and when to have this maternity shoot. And you know what Oceanside pier is a perfect place. So wind in our hair, Crashing waves around us, I think she nailed it. 


Thanks again Celeste you were the sweetest. I can not wait to meet your precious little baby girl. Your little son will love her on up! 


Pleas enjoy:)