The Schmuckle Family

My mother told me that "you can never make a second first impression". And to be honest I have never fully understood that until recently. Sometimes you meet people and you click or sometimes you just dont. With the Schmuckle Family I have been blessed and honored to be around them. We clicked. We talked, We laughed, We cried. Sometimes pictures are more than just that. They, to me tell stories, capture feelings. They capture moments of Love, of Protection, of Intention, of things that we dont get to see of ourselves. 

When you dont get to see the love your husband gives you by a simple glance, or the laughter your sons are doing with their whole hearts with their dad, or the beauty you think you see of your daughter but someone else captures the rawness the realness of it, to me is worth it. Its those moments, those moments of realness, of reality, of non posed, conformity of life. It is organic and it is beautiful. That is what this family is to me. Raw, in love, passionate and in tune with who they are as a family. Jessica you are a beautiful mom, full of love for your kids and for your husband. He looks at you with a heart full of love, of giving and would slay dragons for you. You my dear are lucky to have a full heart, a full life. You are blessed. You are beautiful. and your children will be raised in a way that mimics that. Good job Schmuckle family. 

Please enjoy this quick family session at hosp grove park around 4:40pm