The Miu Family

For me this next family allowed me into their home for a little 2 week old newborn family photoshoot. Adrian Contacted me a couple weeks ago and I couldn't help but say yes. Yes to a new adventure. I am comfortable behind the camera so I knew that this would be fun. 

My husband is Japanese. His Grandma, Aiko, who passed away a couple years ago, was someone he cherished. She meant the world to him. Her heritage, her life in Japan. I hear about the impact she had on him. When I walked into the house I heard the name Aiko from upstairs. Their eldest daughter Aiko, who was a little timid at first, was upstairs and  glued to her flash light. I was a stranger to her so we needed to connect on her level. I asked her what her flash light did and what she used it for. She sat on the couch and didnt say a word but showed me. That connection was everything. 

Adrian was a beaming father of two little girls and what can I say, his wife Shino, was glowing. As a mom I know how hard it is the first couple weeks. New schedules, old routines diminish and new ones start, feedings non stop, hours of giving and learning and processing with little to no sleep. But Shino, she was beautiful and she had her house in order. She gave birth 2 weeks ago yesterday to a sweet baby Emiko. Her name means:

  • 栄美子; "prosperous, beauty, child"
  • 恵美子; "blessing, favor, beauty, child"
  • 絵美子; "picture, beauty, child"
  • 英美子; "superior, beauty, child"
  • 映海子; "shine, sea, child"
  • 笑子; "smiling, child"

 These all come down to one thing... Emiko is cherished. She was such a darling baby. Thank you Miu Family for allowing me to capture some moments of you. 

Please Enjoy