The Harrison Family.

Sometimes you get a sweet friend. You've been friends with them for a couple years. You have more in common than you know. But sometimes it's hard to get together and hang out. That is Laura to me. I think she was one of my first photo shoots I've ever had. I had an old camera I didn't know what the heck I was doing but she was willing to let me learn and willing to let me try. God put a light in my souls about 4 years ago and I think that is when I took their family photos. My lighting was horrible, my camera was old and the lenses was spotted, I couldn't even really edit well but she was patient with me.


 We've become running partners. We have celebrated life. We have gone through a lot together. She has a strong heart strong soul and strong love for God. That's what drew me to her. All I can say is I truly cherish our friendship. Even if it is just your text message or emails or virtual high fives.


Her kids and my kids go to school together. My son loves her son. Her daughters are just such a cutie pies. They have so much animation and so much spunk. Her husband works hard as does she. I am always grateful to be around them.

Thanks for keepin it real Harrison family.



 Please enjoy these pictures.