The Woodworth Family

When you grow up in a fairly smaller town, you pretty much know everyone in that town. I somewhat grew up with this next family well actually his sister but, non the less, we all hung out from time to time. I have watched Ryans life change when he met Diana and when they had a Beautiful little girl. Diana is such a wonderful person and mom. She has her own company called Purely Grounded Nutrition, which helps directly correlate nutrition with a persons lifestyle and help them focus not only on health but food and easy way to reset your thinking on what you are eating. (I highly recommend a one on one consultation with her.) Ryan sells real estate and since he is from this town that only helps. He knows the lay of that land which helps set him apart from others. 

Anyways our mini session was a photographers delight. Their little girl is so adorable. She is not only beautiful but adventurous. She wouldn't stop running and jumping and loving on her parents. She was the cutest little thing. You know that saying "let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains" That is all that ran through my head as she was jumping off logs, Balance walking, playing with sticks, and yet all in a dress. a prefect mixture of girl and gritt. Precious and Strong all at the same time. 


Anyways once again please enjoy this family of three. They truly were a delight. There is something to be said allowing kids to play. I think that playing and being a kid is so necessary for growing up. You learn to let go and live. I hope we all can do that, learn to let go and live and enjoy. Life is so short. We need to build each other up and push each other :) and be like a kid every once in a while.


I even caught one picture at the end with grandma and granddaughter. Swoon