Newborn Baby and a Very Old Skateboard

Donovan is my little man. Van the man we call him in this house. My husband loves to golf, write code, be an inventor and thinker but he loves to skate. Thus the name Van. But with that being said I found it rather appropriate to have a couple of his photo taken with a skateboard. Implementing things you love as a couple into your children photos I find adorable. Anyways Ozzie Ausband from Blue Tile Obsession has this awesome board from the DogTown days. It is older than me and Ill bet you money this board has more stories then I will ever have. And crazier ones at that. Something old and rough against something so soft lead to some pictures I am very happy about.

Our friends over at Solly Baby and  The Ollie World provided the Wraps. FYI The Ollie wrap is fantastic to get babies to sleep. I swear by them. Sleeping baby = Happy momma. 


Please enjoy