Verve Wireless + My Handsome Husband

Let me explain something. One thing I love is pictures. No matter who it is, no matter what it is I love taking and editing photos. I happen to be married to a man that is half sports fanatic and half smarty pants McGee. He works for a company called Verve Wireless. If you ask me to explain it I will make a complete fool of myself so I will leave you with this. Basically he writes code. But he makes it awesome. And he isnt hard on the eyes either:)

Anyways, I had the opportunity to go to his work and check out the new building. They moved into the Make Building. It is almost like a campus. You have a wonderful Coffee Station out side that anyone with a sense of coffee would swoon over named “Copa Vida”. They do pour overs, you can sit and relax sipping a  shot of espresso while perusing the internet or enjoying the ocean breeze, fantastic chai’s, and the food does not disappoint. The people who serve there are keen on their talk but gracious and helpful too.


The MAKE building it self is super modern, retro with a sense of ease to it. There is a gym filled with the awesome instructors and state of the art equipment. Go Pro is on the campus to. They have bikes you can use, a shuttle service, an outside fire pit, auditorium and sitting area. Its a mixture of hard and soft, concrete and wood with succulents and trees. The MAKE building is impressive. They are where the Carlsbad Flower Company use to be. I even hear that right now in the field in between the train tracks and Turn Arounds Beach there is piano. I may have to go there and check it out.

So I leave you with this. The make building is pretty awesome. Check it out and grab a cup of coffee while your at it. Ill keep taking my pictures and enjoying the California sun.