Sonoma + Sweet New Friendships

Many of you may not know but as a mom you kinda lose friends. You lose some old friendships because people change. Your not quite the dance mom, soccer mom as of yet, or you may not fit into the mommies group still because your baby naps at that time. You catch my drift. You cant just fly by the seat of your pants any longer because you got to be on for the very growing babe. Your kinda are stuck in between the walls of your home, learning your babies, teaching them, and your growing into a new person, someone you may have always wanted to become but never knew you could be. I haven't really grasped the concept of friendships that last (except a couple key players that arent always super close or your just on different pages and thats ok ) Other than that it is hard to just find my mommy crew. My Tribe, My People, My "lets go see bad moms" together crew. It is hard. Its hard to be vulnerable, to find people that dont judge you but uplift you, we all need those people sometimes it is hard to find. 

About a year ago when I was pregnant with Donovan, four ladies, including myself, decided to commit to running a half marathon up in Sonoma. Napa to Sonoma to be exact. I was going to be a couple months postpartum but  I just jumped on the band wagon because I needed it. I needed a second to get away. This was my third baby and I know how important to etch something into a calendar because if you do not commit you wont do it. I really didnt know the girls who booked it with me. We knew each other from a mommies group that fell to the way side for me when I was going through stuff about 5 years ago. It was hard for me to trust people with my heart. It was hard to just open up due to things that have happen. So this was a big step but I was willing to just go and let whatever happen happen. 

So fast forward July 2016. My closest friend of the group had to back out of the race for some unforeseen horrible circumstance. So it was three of us. Three of us that barley knew each other. We talked a little but never enough to fly on a plane, stay the weekend in Sonoma and eat, drink and be merry wit- but we did it. And to be honest it was probably the one thing that I never knew I needed. The weekend to sum it up- it was Magical. We were all supposed to be there. Enjoying Gods awesomeness, enjoying each others company, pushing ourselves running, encouraging and just being ourselves completely and wholly.  

I am not saying that friendships are easy, or hard, they are just friendships but coming from someone who doesnt always open up or let people in- this was just a sweet time. I guess I just wanted to let these two girls know that I am forever grateful for just adventuring and being real. Being real is hard to find now in days. I like pictures and so of course I documented most of our travels. So here are some of my pictures of our little weekend away. 

"As iron sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" Proverbs 27:17