Amy + John and a Couple Cute Kiddos

This past weekend I had the pleasure of holding mini sessions and the amount of love I got and the amount of engagement per family was definitely needed.One of the first ones I will hightlight is Amy and John. I met Amy a while back at my daughter preschool. I met her at a time in my life that was a transition. We both were transitioning. So when she told me she would like me to take her photos I said why not. Her kids curly hair is just to die for. I mean come on people pay for that kind of hair.

When you see someone in love and happy it is hard not to root for love. Love triumphs things in life that I can not touch. You cant make up feelings for someone in a picture. There is a connection or there isnt. With her and John it was evident. Their interaction as a unit made the family strong and the kids at ease. Johns daughter was purely sweet and the thee of the kids played together, ran around together and held hands. It was refreshing. And not a bit overwhelming. It just seemed to fit.


Anyways Amy and John I am grateful to have met you. Thank you for trusting me with your family photos. Here are just a couple from Batiquitos Lagoon mini session.


- Katie