Jolene + Levi

Mom and son

Chasing lizards and hugging mommies leg, kisses on the cheeks and sweet little I love you's- I was so taken back by this moms love for her son but more importantly his love for her. He was silly but strong, witty but cute, relaxed but reserved. The shoot was mellow and the location was Leo Carrillo. The thing is though, Jolene was perfect. She eased her son into the shoot. Sometimes kids get a little standoffish but she allowed him to be a boy. It was great to see. I do know that as a mom you hold a lot on your shoulders. You need to make sure you raise a boy who becomes a man who takes care of the people around him. To Raise a man who loves and gives but has integrity and character. This little Boy was exactly like that.

Levi- the meaning of the name "joined in harmony." This is exactly what this mommy son team was. Joined in harmony, in sync with each other. Happily enjoying the day. Grateful to have met you two. Thanks for raising a strong boy momma. Your doing a great job. I am honored to have met you. 


Please enjoy this next shoot-