My Own Holiday Pictures

What can you say. I suck like royally suck at taking personal photos of my self. You most likely will see me doing the posed side view non look at said camera- ha. That is actually what my Christmas card is- all side shots of me looking at the kids and my man. I want to be real. Being in front of the camera is alot harder for me then being behind it. Isnt that interesting.

I asked my friend and local photographer Jay of 222Imagery to take our photos. He is stellar behind the camera and I have always looked up to him as person and as a photographer. So When christmas season came along I knew I wanted something different. So thanks Jay for taking our photos. We will cherish them forever. 


It is something to think about though. Photos with your family is important. Hanging the Christmas ornaments with the kiddos and seeing some "Babies first Christmas" seeing the dates of 2009 or 1981 really struck some cords with me. It has truly hit me that time is going fast. Thinking about bringing Ryder home from the hospital and being so worried about everything to now him almost 8 years old,  to taylor and her first Christmas and Ryder making sure she had toys to open- probably opening them for her, to Donovan- with the kids so excited about Christmas and the meaning of it and seeing how we have grown and changed and learned and morphed into new people. New life brings joy, and new seasons bring new chapters, and if you love books you know how chapters bring new characters new plots or ties up the old plot and brings things together. So as we share in this new Chapter of our blended family we have chosen to believe that we are blessed. Simply Blessed that is. :)