The Richard Family

Even though this is my family I still love taking their photos. They were gracious enough to let me use them as giunee pigs for the first years I was doing this thing called photography. And to be honest they are the ones who truly push me to be better. And this is the reasons 1. they like taking photos 2. we are family so they trust me... well kinda :) No but really we get to mess around with silly ideas and work on lighting and stuff. Brian, my brother, works with my father as a Real Estate Agent  for his own company called Brian Richard Homes (I tried to become one but I failed miserably) Jasmin is a momma to 3 kiddos, has a fashion/mommy blog  Glitter to Glam of all things awesome. She is totally shabby chic and lives for fashion and love holidays, which would make any kid super excited ( and any adult like me). Check it out on the link above. I love reading her stuff on things to do with the kiddos and things she loves around the house. (Great Inspo)  I think everyone needs a Richard in their life. Here are a couple of my favorite.


Please enjoy-