The Dillion Family

It is only appropriate to write a little post directly after this next session. 1. It was her older sister I just wrote about and 2. We had such a fun time catching up. From her two little boys running up with no shirt on ( because lets face it boys will be boys and will jump, run and play) to her and her husband so in sync that within a second of getting the boys shirts on I asked to smile and the first photo you see, is the first photo I took. (Flawless) 

Heidi and I were in the same grade and have some really cool memories growing up. Like I have said before nothing beats family, and family being close. When the session ended she was caring her sisters little boy and all the kids were playing. There is nothing better. As they darted off to Oggis after the session was through I knew if I wanted I could join. And to be honest, I would have had the best of time. I could tell that I would fit right into her life. Like a sister almost. Someone who makes you laugh and enjoy the moment. Heidi has a gift of just making people, or so I think, feel comfortable. Making people feel not on the outside. Thanks Heidi for making it feel like we never skipped a beat. Anyways, thanks for cherishing your family and making it easy to be around you. Till next time Sisters :) You were a breath of fresh air.... yes all of you! 


- Katie