The Dotson Family

It never ceases to amaze me the older I get how much smaller the world gets. Not in a bad way in a very interesting way. I grew up with Hanni and guess what my husband grew up skating with her husband Rob. Most likely when Hannis sister Heidi  and I were playing volleyball together or hanging at their house, my husband and Rob were skating at Missile Skatepark. Cool to think, right?!

Rob and Hanni are a fantastic couple. They have their two children, Sadie and Cole.  Sadie is one little firecracker. She was so interested in everything that was going on around her. I started off the shoot with a couple photos of her. She was wondering what I was doing. So I showed her. I told her I was getting my lighting right and I just wanted to practice. I took a picture of her with a very low setting and then next a very high setting. I let her see how a camera worked. So innocent and so stinkin sweet. I love teaching, I love showing, I love gaining confidence in kids. She helped me and I helped her. Even though this lasted for maybe 2 minutes she was willing to listen and you could instantly see a change in her. She was excited. 

Little Cole is exactly one month younger than my little van. It was fun talking about where they are in this little boyhood stage. Going over the struggles, the hardships, the good times and what we as moms have learned from them. Even though his fist was in his mouth more than half the time (because lets face it babies just do that all the time) I snuck a couple ones with out it. Yea for toothless grins :) My fav.

Her sister Heidi and her husband joined in with their two boys also. (They will be posted tomorrow) It makes me so happy to see family raising their kids together. Its a bond that is so unbreakable and so lasting... maybe there is something to that saying blood is thicker than water- anyways, I still remember some of my fondest memories were with my cousins and my aunts and uncles. Its just so great to see their happiness and their joy. 


Anyways please enjoy a little look into our session yesterday.


- Katie