A Letter to McCoy


I wanted to start out by saying- you my boy are loved. Can you believe in a few short weeks you will take your first breath. You will sit in your parents arms wondering what this world is about. Your parents won't know what to do with you but all they know is that you, you changed them. You changed them from being a couple united by marriage but now untied by a little tiny human.


McCoy your parents are awesome. Your dad is the smartest, most intelligent yet kindest man I know  (and has a great beard). He will teach you everything you know from surfing, to skiing, to camping and exploring. Your momma is just as smart. She will teach you how to love, how to use your mind, to sing you songs and read you stories. You brother schooner may or may not drool or lick you or breath on you with big doggie breath but he will protect you.


Let me tell you, you are one lucky kid. The Merritt family and the Craig family, you already have them wrapped around your finger. From San Diego, to mammoth, to Fresno up to Oregon and Ojai even in Cardiff at Bestawan, there are people anxiously waiting your arrival.


Ok, between me and you- let's just pee on dad once or twice, after that it's not that funny. Let's just make a pack to not throw up as much as your buddy van over here. It's just disgusting. You need to be more classier than that of my kid. (insert sarcastic but very true laugh here)


You are going to be, without a doubt, a man of adventure, who loves the mountains, especially Mammoth (which you were named after) and who loves Spanish (your mom is bilingual babe) and who has a heart of gold. You may play football like your dad but who knows. You may play chess and that is ok. I know that your parents will give you every opportunity to live your life to your fullest potential.

Anyways buddy I love you and I don't even know you yet! You are a perfect example of when you let go great things happen. We can't wait for you to experience the mountains and feel the pacific ocean, to learn and enjoy life. To ride bikes, and to say your first words, to learn how to write and when you say I love you to your parents, I know they will melt. Just know that your parents love you. They will always love you. There will be times you disapoint them but just know- you will never disapoint them for them to not love you. Their love will cover you. You will learn so much and we cant wait to experience life with you. We love you McCoy